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Thormungandr is a Partnered, full-time content creator on Twitch. They take content to the next level playing video games on unconventional (non-traditional) controllers like Steering Wheels and Donkey Kong Bongos.

They pride themselves in their ability to instantaneously respond, interact and conversate with their community in very energetic and exciting ways while providing high production value and fun.

Thor’s community has a clear focus on cultivating an environment and community around the LGBTQIA+ community, mental health awareness, and neurodiversity. They regularly raise money for charities such as Special Effect, Autistica, Stand Up To Cancer and Mind Out, having raised over $6878 for charities.

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 Mar 14, 2019

 Apr 24, 2019

 Jan 10, 2022

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Below is a gallery of promotional / social media posts I have had with brands that I have integrated with, other creators, and charities I raised funds for.

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